Spam Comment of the Week: September 5

I received some interesting Spam comments in reply to the last Commuter Chronicles post, Signs You Should Hail a Taxi.  I thought I’d list 2 here for your enjoyment.

Well, who knew a short post about hailing a taxi on vacation would result in someone getting free breakfast? I can’t imagine what possible topic at work would require my post as research.  The best part of this comment, for me is:

“Big thumb up for this blog post!”

Hmmm… so my post was really great but it only deserves one thumb up, not two thumbs up?!

The second comment is a bit confusing.  The URL indicates the spammer is involved with anti aging cream reviews, but most of the comment is basically a resume for some project manager.  Seriously, I’m confused here.

 I suppose the tactic here is that I presumably will click on the link provided, thinking I’ll find this person’s resume or credentials even though the URL contains words like anti and cream.

That is all for this week!  Try not to get duped by those slick spammers in the meantime.

11 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: September 5

    • They are annoying, aren’t they! And to think, the few that I actually see and mock here on my blog are only the 10% that WP isn’t sure if it is outright spam! When I look at how many comments were blocked outright that I never even see, it amazes me.

      • You know what else pisses me off sometimes? Likes. A time back I posted and article, listen carefully, as soon as I posted it, I went to share it on twitter. Would you believe before I got to do it, that article got a like? That person could not have read my article. Not in 15 seconds

      • I’ve had the happen a few times. It’s always bloggers that aren’t regular readers of my blog. I believe there was a Freshly Pressed article about a month ago on this very topic. If I can find it I’ll send you the link.

  1. The first time I saw the “big thumb up” spam comment was on a blog where someone either was taken in by it or didn’t have Askimet protecting the blog from spam. I thought it was odd because the post that got the big thumb up was about the blogger’s past year, which included two relatives dying, a divorce, a son injured playing sports, and a couple of other bad things, too. How crass of the spammer to give a “big thumb up.”

  2. Hi – I’d like to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award.
    Do pop over and check out my Fluffy Moments Page tomorrow and you will find the details.


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