Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Before WordPress adds a new Photo Challenge, I wanted to post for this challenge.  This will serve in lieu of my normal Photo Friday post.

I shot this while heading towards Chase Field near the light rail tracks on a cloudy spring morning.  Despite the urban setting, it is a bit strange that there are no people in the vicinity. In many ways, this signifies a failed attempt at creating an “urban” atmosphere.  Phoenix has always struggled with its identity.  It has fought heavily to be in the major leagues of big cities, yet it  never quite seems to deliver.  Depending on what you think of big cities, this could be a pro or a con.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

    • No kidding! That was one of the big differences I saw when I visited DC years ago. Although I did find that mid-afternoon 2-3ish? – the subway wasn’t nearly as crowded.

      To be fair, I took this off the main drag of downtown Phoenix around 9:45 or so…by then most people are already inside at work. I was actually on a jury duty stint waiting until court started. I didn’t feel like waiting inside the jury room until 10:30.

      Still though, after I looked at the picture, you’d think you’d still have more people waiting around or walking on a day like this. Seems like everyone gets to their destination and stays inside. You won’t see a crowd in this particular spot until about noon and then between 4-5pm when people are leaving to go home.

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