Pump Up (or Down) the Volume

Short on time this week, I turned to The Daily Post at WordPress for some inspiration.  This week, The Daily Post is challenging us to tap our fingers on the keyboard and describe the sounds of blogging.

Some days we turn up the volume.  Other days we sit in quiet solitude, happy just to eavesdrop on the other bloggers.

I suppose examining the sounds of blogging does leave plenty of room for description.  After all, most of us are on here to “be heard” and “find our voice”.  Some of us shout this from the rooftop, liking every post in a category to be noticed and leaving a flurry of comments.  Others lurk in the corners of the blog-o-sphere, observing and eavesdropping until we feel comfortable to say hi to passers by.

Some of us make our presence known on WordPress while others prefer to take a less aggressive route.

The more popular bloggers incite chatter when they are noticeably absent for more than a few days. Questions like “where are you” and “what happened to (name blogger here)” become the topic of the day.  Those of us that participate in the cavalcade of blogging awards hear fanfare and feel confetti pouring down on us as we dole out accolades to other bloggers.  Know someone who was Freshly Pressed or were you yourself Freshly Pressed? If so, then it’s party time.  We crank up the music and bounce comments and likes left and right until the WordPress powers that be change the party location and direct us to the next one.

Some days we’re just waiting for the next party to start up. Have you heard where the next one will be?

When tragedy strikes one of us, the mood is solemn, the sound is low.  We put on our headphones and turn the noise down a bit until the sadness passes.  We offer the afflicted bloggers condolences and encouragement.  We re-affirm our allegiance to the blogging community by continually checking in on those going through a rough patch.

Some days we don’t sound so good. It’s okay, our blogging friends are here to help. 

Some days, we bury ourselves in blogging to either drown out the monotony of our everyday routine or to escape the barking orders received at work.  We use our blogs to play with words, to de-stress and to fuel our creativity.  Some of us write to “sound” smart and exert our expertise.  Others write to tell  humorous tales that make the rest of us laugh out loud.

Sometimes we just hear the funniest things in the blog-o-sphere!

Put it all together and what does it sound like? Paradise found.

Blogging sounds pretty nifty to me.


8 thoughts on “Pump Up (or Down) the Volume

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    • LOL – how have you managed to escape blog awards? Not sure where they started but there are a number of awards (Versatile Blogger Award, Beautiful Blogger Award, etc…) that get passed on from blogger to blogger. Some bloggers hate these, others love them. They all follow the same basic format – put together a blog post accepting the award and thanking the person who gave it to you, list 7 random things about yourself and nominate other blogs. They are really just for fun and most bloggers find their site traffic goes up with these blog awards.


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