Spam Comment of the Week: August 28

I’ve received more than one comment from this Spammer, but at least they’re humorous.

Excellent post  And just to be on-topic with the post, I don’t know for you girls, but to me hair is really the most important factor for my look.  My hair stillist (sic) on the saloon (sic) where I go offered me for about two months ago some type of hair oil that will make my hair grow faster and thicker.  I don’t like to spam this blog so, who wants to find more details can click on my nick name.  Also sorry for my poor english. 

You sir, sound very shallow.  And what is with this ‘you girls’ business? Are you also sexist? That is what you should apologize for, not the poor grammar.   Although, I’m very interested in this saloon of yours.  All the saloons I know of serve spirits (and I don’t mean the ghostly kind) not hair oil.  You really should take the time to find a saloon with a proper bartender.  Good luck!


3 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: August 28

    • I wondered that myself? Half the time I can’t tell what people are selling…I’m assuming some of these are just trying to lure people to unsafe sites that download viruses.


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