Random Blog Announcements: August Edition

In this issue: 

1. I got published in  Zouch Magazine

2. August = Time Constraints

3. BBooks has a new URL

4. 20 Lines or Less Community

5. Beautiful Blogger Award

1. I got published in  Zouch Magazine

I shared the wonderful news here on Thursday that a poem of mine was featured on Zouch Magazine.  I want to thank everyone who took a few moments to read my work, Hazy Days, over at Zouch.  I really appreciate the support that I’ve received in the blogging community and really appreciate the kind words many of you left regarding my poem.  In case you haven’t checked it out yet and still have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read my poem here: http://zouchmagazine.com/poetry-hazy-days/

2. August = Time Constraints

August is a strange month, isn’t it? It drags on forever, yet at the same time we all seem busier in August.  We are either trying to hang onto what is left of summer by squeezing in those last minute vacations or preparing ourselves for a new semester.  Even if you aren’t in school, chances are you have a loved one who is and you’re supporting their efforts.  Or, if you are like me, your organization is deep in planning for next year.  That has been my world for the past 4 weeks.  To make matter much more interesting, my team at work is down a person until October.  As a result, I’m just very tired these days.

Time sure does fly away from us, doesn’t it!

At the same time, I have found myself picking up new followers everyday.  When you start picking up new blog friends, it can be difficult to juggle your new and old friends.   I decided to implement some time management strategies when it comes to blogging.  I do enjoy this form of expression and have communicated with some amazing people on here.  To make blogging remain fun and not a chore, I just won’t be on here as often as I have been.  I suspect most of you are in the same boat.

I do like commenting on blogs and liking blogs, but if you find that I’m not visiting your site as often and my likes and comments are a little infrequent, it is because I’m slowly making the rounds and limiting how many blogs I visit at a time. It doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you.  I’m pretty good about replying to comments on my blog as those are usually done by email, so don’t stop leaving me your thoughts!

Meanwhile, I have several Spam Comments of the Week and Photo Friday posts auto-scheduled, and will continue to hand out Spotlight Awards on a monthly basis.  I will re-post earlier articles that will feel new to most of you here.  I will need to take a brief hiatus soon, but you will still continue to see new content posted every few days thanks to the magic of scheduling posts.

3. BBooks has a new URL

I’ve mentioned the BBooks Magazine on here a few times. I case you still aren’t sure what this is, fellow blogger Akanksha has founded a weekly e-book featuring blog posts centered around a central theme.  She has created a new site for this endeavor: http://bbookmagazine.wordpress.com/

I helped edit the first 3 issues, but due to the time constraints I alluded to in the item above, I’ve stepped down from the BBooks team.  However, I’m always willing to share resources so I do want to encourage people to check out publication and consider submitting a blog post for future editions.

4. 20 Lines or Less Community 

I joined the 20 Lines or Less community a few weeks ago, and although I’ve only published about 9 posts over there, I am having a blast.  The writing prompts over at 20 Lines or Less have been so much fun, so expect to see more of my work from 20 Lines or Less re-posted over here on occasion.

One blog. Several Contributors. Check it out!

The great thing about 20 Lines or Less is it encourage you to just write.  Don’t worry about whether or not your writing is good or mediocre.  The point is to exercise your writing muscles in short passages and share them. Over time, this should help your writing and it helps you interact with other writers.  Just this week, founder Melissa added a calendar to the site to alert readers to deadlines for various writing competitions and publication opportunities.

I’m not sure if contributors are still being added to the site (I believe Melissa mentioned that WordPress caps each blog at 50 administrators), but you can always inquire if you’d like to be added as a regular contributor.  You can also ask any one of the 20 Lines contributors to post your work if you see a writing challenge that you’d like to participate in.

5. Beautiful Blogger Award

I recently received another award, the Beautiful Blogger Award, from Eunice (also a 20 Lines contributor) over at Living and Lovin.  It is always a good feeling when another blogger reaches out to tell you how cool they think your blog is and how much they enjoy reading your work.

Some of the blogs Eunice nominated are also blogs I frequent.  Other blogs that I’d love to send a nod to are blogs that don’t participate in these awards.  And I’ve given some of you numerous awards already.  Therefore, I’m going to cop out a bit and tell you that instead of nominating a batch of people over here, I would encourage  you all to visit Living and Lovin, and check out some of the other blogs she nominated.

Below are other bloggers who recently received awards and nominated other awesome blogs to discover:






That is all for now! If you have thoughts about the items listed above, such as  time management strategies for blogging, feel free to share them in the comments section.  It would be interesting to see how other bloggers manage to work in blogging and still have time for other creative endeavors.  Blogging is truly beautiful, especially when done in moderation!

19 thoughts on “Random Blog Announcements: August Edition

  1. Nicole, I am so happy that your poem “Hazy Days” was published in Zouch Magazine. It is an amazing portrait of the dusty world you have been living in for the past few months. I love the wording and the flow. I can feel your parched throat as you drink your morning coffee. It is a great piece of work, and it deserves publication. I am so proud of you!

    I feel the time crunch like you do. I am back at school now, and it is all I can do to post every day. There have been a few days that I just have not posted. It is difficult for me to spend time reading other posts, although I do try. I always like them, but I know that I should comment.

    Thank you for adding Grandmother Musings to your list of blogs to check out. I appreciate and love your support. So now that we know that we are all busy, we can be patient when one of us cannot join in as usual. Maybe as the winter months set in, we will all have a bit more time to spend in the blogging world.

    My best to you always, Nicole. Blessings! Jamie 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! I will always count Grandmother Musings as one of those sites I’ll check out when I have a few minutes to surf around.

      I do want to take a few workshops through my local university and see if I can’t spend more time writing and ultimately publishing more pieces of work.

      I hear ya! Let’s hope winter gives us all more breathing room. I know I’m not the only other blogger out there juggling time constraints. Good luck to you in your new school year. I’m sure you have an awesome group of students and they are lucky to have a teacher like you!

      God bless. 🙂

  2. Hey, Nicole, Thanks for including my blog on your list! I understand completely the time crunch. I’m glad I’ve “met” you. And when you have time, our paths will cross. And that will make me happy.
    Be gentle with yourself,
    🙂 kathy

    • 🙂 Thank you Kathy! I’m so glad you found my blog. I’ve found so many useful tidbits on your blog. It is my pleasure to direct people over to your post to see what wonderful blogs you nominated.

  3. Another great post! As far as time management goes, I’ve really had a hard time juggling everything since I started my new job. What I’ve found that works for me is to read blogs with my morning coffee and right after work when I check my emails. Creatively I usually work later in the evening on drawings and weekends, usually all day, on prints, collages and bigger work. I’m still working out the kinks on posting new material. I wish there were more hours in the day and then I realize that it probably still wouldn’t be enough.

    • Yeah, I’m finding that as far as visiting other blogs, thankfully I work in a company that doesn’t restrict our internet usage, so I’ve been using a few minutes of my lunch break each to see what everyone else is doing. Right now, I’m really sticking to weekends to put together blogs posts.

      I think it is quite amazing though how your new job has opened up new opportunities for you as far as your art!

  4. Congratulations on publication!! And the Beautiful Blogger Award. And thanks so much for the nod to 20 Lines, Nicole. We love having you as part of our community and there is so much good stuff ahead. Onward and upward! M.


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