Poem Published

Hello everyone!  I have some exciting news.  I was published today on the front of Zouch Magazine!  I took a blog post from June, and re-worked/tinkered/re-arranged it until it looked, felt and sounded like the beautiful poem I knew it could be.

I love the photo they paired with my poem.  I would love to hear what you guys think of my work.  The static link to my poem is:


13 thoughts on “Poem Published

  1. Thanks for checking out the poem! I just haven’t been in the mindset to start editing the two short stories I have, so I’ve been tinkering with poetry the last few week. I just submitted this poem over the weekend, so I was quite surprised to not only get a response today, but find out I’ve been published.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I quickly went over to read your poem. I read it slowly, out loud to myself and it was powerful. I “felt” the heat, the air, the lung sear. It’s really good, Nicole, and I’m so glad that it was recognized and published. 🙂 kathy

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