Photo Friday: Washington’s Confession

Last month I shared with you the wonder that is Where’s George.  I had received a $20 bill that had a message stamped on it that the bill was being tracked on Where’s George.

This wasn’t the first time I’d received a stamped message on currency.  During a summer trip to San Diego back in 2002, I received the dollar bill shown below as change after buying a snack at Balboa Park.

In case you can’t make it out, the stamp is a dialogue balloon that says “I Grew Hemp”. Now, I’m not a history expert so I have no idea if George Washington grew hemp, but if he did I’m sure the hemp was used as a textile. 🙂

History aside, I thought it was hilarious.  I kept the bill until I bought a scanner in 2006 and was able to scan the image.

If only I had remembered about Where’s George at that time.  Wouldn’t it have been something to track this bill?

Besides currency tracking messages for sites like, have you ever received a message on a piece of money?


10 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Washington’s Confession

  1. Only “Where’s George” bills have their serial numbers recorded. Your I Grew Hemp one wouldn’t have been traceable. I worked in a bank for a year. Not messages as such, more business comments. “Done for the day” “Another deposit finished” My son wrote “Have a nice day” on the last part he made before holidays, but his supervisor just told him that someone at the customer’s place has no sense of humor and don’t do it again.

    • Yes, I realize that I would have to enter the bill for it to be traceable – I did write a blog post about Where’s George after all.

      I wish I had remembered about the site before I re-circulated the bill so that I could have entered it on the off chance other owners of the bill would have traced it.

      LOL – I think I’d like to receive a bill that just says “Done for the Day”. Too bad others didn’t see the humor of those messages.

      Thanks for sharing those messages here.

  2. I received a “Where’s George” bill once, and ran off to the website to check it out. I was only the second location on the bill, but I promptly added my info. That was years ago …. and last I checked I was still the last destination. No one ever updated. 😦 As for writing on a bill, I remember one that had an entire grocery list scribbled around all the edges.

    • Ah yes, that is part of the problem with Where’s George. It has a fairly low response rate. It’s still fun to try though.

      An entire grocery list? I can’t imagine I’d be able to read my handwriting once I got to the store.

  3. Hi – over here on the other side of the Pond, I don’t know anything about your where’s George messages, but I do have a bit of a thing for hemp. And no I don’t smoke cannabis or any of its derivatives.

    Can I bore you for a minute?

    Hemp was huge, here and in the USA. Almost everyone grew it. Everyone used it. Yes it is a textile.
    Clothes were made from it. The ropes and the sails on the ships that took the Plymouth Brethren to America were made from it, as were the covers on wagons across to the West.
    All their Bibles were printed on paper made from it.
    Oil lamps ran on hemp oil.
    It was the original sustainable all-purpose product. And a few people smoked it – the milder form, not what is made today. This was the status quo until the wood pulp paper makers got together with the petrochemical industry (nylon etc) wanting to sell their products. They hyped up the dangers of cannabis for their own ends. And it was made illegal. And then came the stronger street versions.

    So maybe George Washington did grow hemp. Maybe he smoked a little. I drink a little.

    Cheers, I say.

    • Hi Pat!

      Thank you for that background on hemp – very informative and not boring at all! I knew it could be used as a textile, but I didn’t have that piece of info that other industries purposely lobbied to make it illegal. I remember years ago seeing hand lotion made from hemp. You know what – it worked really well, better than the expensive store brands. I had really dry skin that year and that was the only thing that seemed to work.


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