Commuter Chronicles #10: Signs You Should Hail a Taxi


As discovered while waiting for local route 8 at the Old Town Transit Center in San Diego.


  1. The bus driver has been sitting idle inside the bus with the doors closed for about 5 minutes.
  2. When the driver does open the doors and you try to board, he flips out and chastises you because he still has 5 minutes left of his smoke break and he needs to de-board to do this.
  3. The bus should have actually left the bus station about 3 minutes ago.
  4. It’s starting to get dark and the tourist to native ratio at the station is rapidly dwindling.
  5. You have two teens with you, that you’ve been entrusted to watch on vacation.
  6. The guy standing next to you in line with unidentifiable stains on his clothes keeps hanging up his phone that won’t stop ringing and-
  7. This same guy is telling the passenger next to him about how some guys keep calling him because they want to kill him.
My sincerest apologies to the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS) who otherwise have done a wonderful job transporting me around San Diego County over the years.

15 thoughts on “Commuter Chronicles #10: Signs You Should Hail a Taxi

    • It happens here in Phoenix quite a bit, but usually if the driver sees passengers waiting around, especially in the heat, they’ll let you on the bus even if they are getting ready for a smoke break. I was just so taken aback with how curt (i.e. rude) the driver was!

    • Hahaha – I’ve had this post “in the can” as they say for a little over a month and scheduled it to run this week since I really haven’t had time to create new posts. Yeah, the guy was just acting weird and wouldn’t shut up! Then when he mentioned that some people were trying to kill him, I immediately looked for the taxi line.

      • Smart move, girl! It is wise of you to have something waiting in “the can”. I keep telling myself to do that, and here I sit every day trying to think of what I will write. duh! I see that you signed up to be an editor for the blog book. I know you will be great! Talk to you soon. 🙂

      • Well, my spam comments and some of the photo friday posts are easy to schedule ahead of time. I always worry about not having something to write about, yet something always drops in my lap.

        It has been awhile since I’ve edited a publication. I hope I do it justice. I still haven’t sent Melissa my bio for 20 Lines or Less.

      • I think you will be a great editor. You have the know how already. I just sent Melissa my bio a couple days ago, so don’t feel bad. 🙂

  1. Hilarious! I ran into this problem when I went to Chicago for a conference. People crack me up! Our bus driver actually pulled over at Starbucks…. I couldn’t stop laughing!

    • LOL! I certainly had not kept up with who owned Circle K. I know it started out in the American Southwest and then of course as it grew, it went international. We’ve always had Circle K’s over here – they’re a staple. Now 7-11’s used to be the main competition but these days you’re lucky if you can remember where one is located.

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