Spam Comment of the Week: August 6

I know I have written a few posts that were informational and had sources cited, but of all the posts on my blog to receive the following comment, it would have to be one of the shortest that required absolutely no research whatsoever.

Is there anywhere else I can get information about this? I’m thinking I might write a term paper on it.

I’m not really sure how you would stretch out a whole term paper on WordPress mocking you, and I’d be very suspect of any diploma or degree received by a school that would allow this topic to be the crux of a term paper.


13 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: August 6

    • I figured it was some spam bot leaving the same message on the blogosphere.
      I started keeping mine when I realized I could re-purpose them as material for my blog. Believe me, on a busy week, it’s nice to know I can at least blog about spam.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Ain’t Spam fun!? I just posted about receiving the blog award from you and was checking to ensure the links worked correctly. Thanx for the appreciation, and a blog-theme.

    • Spam is hilariously fun! So different from my email spam, which I never look at anymore. It does feel great when a blog theme drops into your lap. As I mentioned to Scribbler above, that’s one of the reasons I decided to hang onto the Spam comments – it becomes an instant blog post.

    • Hahaha – I bet you’ve seen your share of crazy term paper topics. In college, I interned for a polisci professor who made me grade some of his short answer quizzes. Some of the stuff these students would write were crazy. One guy wrote a recipe for bamboo soup hidden between a decent intro sentence and conclusion…clearly as a way to test if anyone was really reading his answers.

      • That is wild. I have had some moments when I did not read an essay and just gave an okay. I am I sure someone wrote me a recipe, too, and turned it in as an assignment. It is amazing what some will do to get out of doing work. 🙂

  2. REALLY, REALLY thanx for the blog theme and a chance to post about the award! I don’t comment just because I know that it can increase visits and followers, but between us, we’ve run my stats up. My best day used to be 60 visits. Good day between 20 and 30. I was at 67 when I came here, with two more hours in the day. Gained three followers for myself and perhaps one for my daughter.

    • Wow – that’s great! I know some bloggers shun these blog awards, but I think they are an easy way to discover new blogs. I know last year when I first tried my hand at blogging I kept trying to weed through pages of blogs through the topic search function to not only find other blogs to read but build a rapport with other bloggers. Now I just read people’s blog awards.

  3. Different spam for different folks!
    Loved the joke! Saw something like this too but didn’t really decipher it as you have. This is just so funny!
    About the blog awards thing, I think they really are effective. Kinda how I found you. Maybe I should look to doing that on mine! Hmm. Any ideas on how to proceed…with Pat’s award as my only one at the moment 🙂

    • Hi su’eddie –

      The awards on the My Blog Awards page are awards that others have give to me… and with Pat giving you an award you can now get started handing yours out to others.

      I then created my own Spotlight Award so that no matter if I get an award or not, I can do something nice for other bloggers and highlight different blogs each month. If you are thinking of something like the Spotlight Award – be sure to look at the info on my blog and I can always help you come up with an idea for your blog. I wanted my logo to be reflective of my blog and my style.


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