A Whole Lotta (Blog) Love

I’m going on two weeks now of getting award notifications and doing nothing with them.  Part of it is that I’ve been really busy at work and trying to spend time doing other non-blog related things while at the same time trying to keep my own blog going.  

I spent this past weekend trying to compose and schedule a few posts in advance so I can spend a little less time on WordPress over the next few weeks.

With that said, I’ll still be on here liking and commenting on blogs, but just not as frequently as I’d like to.

So, before the time slips away, I decided I better sit down and hand out some blog awards!

Before I do that, let me mention that if you haven’t checked out this month’s August Spotlight winners, please do so after you read this post.  In  case you missed it, the spotlighted blogs for August were:

1. Mirrored Self

2. Slapppshot

3. Live. Explore. Learn. Remember.

4. The Slowest of All Possible Elevators

5. Elisa Ruland

The August Spotlight post will describe why these blogs are awesome.

Now onto these other blogging awards and their conditions.

First Item: Identify the awards and who gave them to you.

The fabulous Eunice at Living and Loving nominated me for 2 awards: The Reader Appreciation Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Then the tech guru who runs Sharechair nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  Last but not least, Ingrid at Live Laugh RV  also nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Second Item: Post the Logo on your blog. 

I’ve added the logos to the My Blog Awards page. Click over there and you will find what you need  for your blog award if you’ve received one.

Third Item: Share 7 items about yourself. 

I’m going cheat and reuse a few items I’ve posted in past acceptances.  Hey, I pick up new followers each week and not everyone goes back to read my older posts so I figure these tidbits will be new to a good number of you.

1. If I won the lottery, I’d probably be one of those jerks that keeps their job for awhile – only to see how far I can go before getting fired or laid off since I probably wouldn’t worry about being punctual and all that jazz.  Not that I worry too much about it right now, but just saying…

2. I studied Economics and Public Administration in college.

3. Despite my introverted nature, I joined a co-ed fraternity during my first year in grad school.

4. I used to hate tomato soup, but now I like it.

5. I quit the school marching band in high school in favor of taking guitar class.  No regrets on that one.

6. I was quoted in a 2009  book on teen library programs.

7. I may be an active user of Twitter, WordPress and Linkedin, but I still refuse to open a Facebook account.

Fourth Item: Nominate 15 other bloggers to receive this award…

That is except if you’ve received the Reader Appreciation Award, in which case you only have to nominate 5-10 blogs.

As I’ve done before when accepting multiple awards, I’m only going to nominate a few per award.  If I followed these conditions to a tee, I’d have to award at least 50 blogs. I’d also have to tell you 28 things about myself.  I’m doing neither.  I’m nominating  a few blogs per award type.

Here goes:

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

These are blogs I’m familiar with and visit fairly frequently.  I find their story, their motivation to blog inspiring in one way or another.

I Miss Me, Too

Zen Scribbles

Shaven Wookiee

Transports of Delight

Live. Explore. Learn. Remember. They were Freshly Pressed after receiving my Spotlight Award, so I’m hoping this will add some more luck to start their week.  Not that I’m taking credit for  these two talented people getting Freshly Pressed, but I’m just saying…

Beautiful Blogger Award

These are blogs that I just think are cool and focus mostly art, photography, writing or weird cartoons.

Lydia Puente Harris

Pat Wood Blogging

Nine Writes

Destiny Denied

No Aspiring About It

Drew Kail

Reader Appreciation Award

For this award, I’m giving it out to some of my newer followers who have stopped to leave comments and likes.  And Archon.  Although Wealthy Matters has been awarded before, I also wanted to express my appreciation to Keerthika for being a regular reader of my blog.  Ditto w/ Archon though this will be his first award from me.

The rules for this one tell you to hand it out to at least 5 but no more than 10 other blogs.

My Life is a Picture Show

Wealthy Matters

NY Parrot

Sharechair (sorry! I know you just got done with a round of awards)

Archon’s Den

Well, that’s it!  Hopefully you’ll discover at least one new blog out of those nominated above.   Here is some parting celebration music for you:

What, you were expecting Led Zeppelin? I can’t be that predictable.

13 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta (Blog) Love

  1. I’m glad you re-did some of the things about yourself. I’m always excited to know that there is someone besides me who never joined Facebook. 🙂 Thank you, Nicole, for the award nomination! I graciously accept (altho I’ll probably wait just a little bit before formally accepting it as you kindly understand). I am delighted to get a Reader Appreciation award ……. but you make it easy. I totally enjoy your blog!! 🙂

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    • Hey, you’ve published your own e-books. That is pretty inspiring. I can barely get myself to finish up a short story that I started back in June.

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  4. What a great thing you’re doing here! Writing can be such a lonely craft.

    Back when I had a ‘real’ job, I actually saw other humanoids on a regular basis. Now as a writer, I can spend 10 straight hours in from of a screen – whether I’m working on my novels or my blog or trying to promote one or the other. I work at Starbucks or the library just to remind myself that there are people out there!

    These awards are about supporting a community…reminding each of us that it’s not just about promoting ourselves, it’s about promoting each other.

    Waving hello….I see you! I read you! I like you! Keep it up!

    Thanks. xx

    • Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. It’s funny, being a full-time writer sounds like a dream, until you realize it is a very solitary job. When I had my graduate research position, much of the research was done on my own and I also spent a lot of time in libraries and coffee shops just to not feel cooped up in an office all alone or to make myself leave my house.

      I know a few people, not writers, that do work exclusively from home. A few years ago I heard about an event called a Jello – where 2 telecommuters decided to organize a space with workstations once a month where others in their same situation could pop in and work for that day so they can socialize with others in the same situation. In some ways, I guess blogging can help fill the void.

      Don’t be a stranger here!


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