Spam Comment of the Week: July 25

A good number of Spam comments left on my blog  subtly insult my blog.  This one however, decided to take a few pot shots at my readers.

“I don’t drop a leave a response, however after reading some of the remarks here WordPress Likes to Mock Me NMNPHX. I actually do have a few questions for you if you do not mind.  Is it me or do some of the remarks look like they are coming from brain dead individuals? 🙂 And, if you are writing at other social sites, I would like to follow you.”

Hi Meblowy Radom,

Is it me, or does some of the Spam remarks left in my comment queue look like they are coming from brain dead inviduals? 🙂  Also, if you really want to follow me, I list my twitter handle on the side bar, which you would see if you weren’t a robot.  There is no way in hell I’m going to list my Linkedin URL.


19 thoughts on “Spam Comment of the Week: July 25

  1. So I’m not the only person who got hit by this bot.
    Now if only people would spam intelligently,ie.if they must spam at all.Leave an innocuous comment from a name that sounds human and an e-mail id that looks human generated.
    But I suppose more can’t be expected of the brainless.

  2. I like it when spammers think they’ve written a good enough comment that will help them pass as actual humans. Oh how little they know. xD

    • Ugh – I got this comment about 20 times over a 2 day period. Meblowy Radom was the first one. Subsequent comments had slightly different names.

  3. You all get a lot more interesting spam than I do. All I get are six messages for payday loans from different email addresses. I guess the word isn’t out that I retired and don’t have a pay day.

    • I suppose it is the equivalent to auto-dialers for phone numbers. Before I became a homeowner, I remember getting phone calls from marketers telling me that my homeowners insurance may have lapsed.

  4. I get this one regularly, along with another very similar one. The first states that my friends and followers are braindead. The second says my writing makes me look braindead. Compliments like that just make me want to jump to find how I can improve the world.

    • Is that the one that tells you your headline on your blog post isn’t catchy enough? I’ve received that one numerous times in the past week along with the one I shared above.

  5. Finally a post that doesn’t want to loan me money until payday. Kieth Herbick sent this to me.
    Seen on NBC’s “Doctor Oz” – This new invisible technology can rid you of pain. Download your FREE report now!

    Kieth, to paraphrase “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”
    “If it is too invisible, it probably is.”

    • Brain dead serial spammers are so utterly inconvenient. By cluttering the spam queue with similar comments, they make it much more difficult to sift through and find the non-serial (but still brain dead) spam.


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