Best Follower Award

On the heels of the One Lovely Blog Award, I’ve also been given the Best Follower Award.  I know, we typically don’t like being described as followers in life, but this is different.  This award allows bloggers to recognize some of their biggest supporters.

As bloggers, we do look to our colleagues to motivate us to become better bloggers and validate whether what we are doing adds value to anyone else’s day.

Therefore, I am very honored to accept the Best Follower Award from Jamie at Grandmother Musings.

The Rules of The Best Follower Award are as follows:

1.   Thank the giver, link the page, and add the award to your site.

Done.  Completed this condition above.

2.   Answer the question: “Who was my first follower?”

The talented Katy Hulme of Storytelling Nomad.  She found my very first post back in June 2011 and gave me the confidence to give blogging a go by liking my first posts and following my blog.

3.   Pass it on to your three Best Followers.

This one is tough because I’d consider Jamie to be one of my best followers (she is also one of the bloggers who has left the most comments on my blog),  but she passed the award onto me, so I had to come up with a list sans Jamie.

That was hard because I immediately thought of many other bloggers that have not only been supportive of the material I post here but have graciously promoted my blog on their sites.  I’m going to bend the rules a bit and nominate 4 bloggers instead.

1. Drew Kail – I’ve passed on more than one award to Drew, and this one seems fitting because just like Katy was with me since day one of my blog, Drew discovered my blog after I ended a lengthy hiatus and started updating this blog again. It was my second post in March and first Photo Friday entry “Shopping Cart Pirate Ship”.  Since then I’ve pretty much been hooked on Drew’s blog and Drew continues to be a big supporter of my blog. 

2. Kaitlyn Plyley – I actually found Kaitlyn’s blogs through Storytelling Nomad.  Katy at Storytelling Nomad posted about a few hilarious yet nerve racking experiences using public transportation.  I had already posted a few Commuter Chronicles posts by then, so of course I found it interesting. At the end of her post, she mentioned Kaitlyn’s new blog Transports of Delight. I started following Kaitlyn’s blog and reading her posts and luckily she seems to like my blog as well.

3. Lory over at Ranting on the Lolo– I don’t even know how I found this blog.  I think it may have been a WordPress search looking at other writing blogs. Anyhow, I started following and commenting on her blog and we both seemed to have built a mutual admiration for each other’s work over the past few months.

4. Pat at I Miss Me, Too – Unlike the other bloggers I’ve mentioned here that I’ve known for at least a few months, Pat started her blog about a month ago.  Pat found my blog and I’m so glad she did.  She runs an amazing blog and never fails to find time to hop on over to my blog and leave a comment.

There are several other bloggers out there that I am getting to know as the weeks go by and that are becoming regular visitors here.  Some of those bloggers include: Akanksha at Mirrored Self and The Reasoning, Keerthika Singaravel at Wealthy Matters, Archon at Archon’s Den, and  John at Shaven Wookie to name a few.  I value all my visitors and would love to extend this award out to everyone who either regularly or even occasionally reads my blog if I could.  I guess I’ll just have to keep spotlighting blogs each month until I reach all of you!

25 thoughts on “Best Follower Award

  1. Thanx for the nice mention, and thanx for IDing that comment. I had held that particular post almost two weeks, so people wouldn’t be bored with back-t-back road stories, and didn’t realize how old the comment was. Blog award? I loves me some blog awards.

    • Ah no problem on identifying the comment. Seems like time goes by much faster here on WordPress. Some posts that seem so old to me are barely 2 weeks old.

      LOL – you know I wasn’t sure what your stance on blog awards were. I know some bloggers hate these things. I’m sure some blog awards will come your way.

  2. Congratulations Nicole!
    Followers are most important,No one can be a leader without at least one follower.And good leaders attract intelligent followers who always have the option of being leaders themselves,
    When it comes to blogging we are trying to have a conversation not create hierarchies,We are each one of us trying to say our piece and without any listeners we’d each be lecturing not having a conversation.

    • I like your take on this. Followers do take on a different meaning with blogging.

      “…we are trying to have a conversation not create hierarchies,We are each one of us trying to say our piece and without any listeners we’d each be lecturing not having a conversation.”

      I really wanted to make that clear in my post – everyone who not just follows but reads and interacts with the material I post on my blog is important to me, otherwise I’m just posting material for myself to look at, and that is not fun, challenging or intellectually stimulating.

      • I’m with you on this,I spent almost a year in limbo.Finance blogs are not that popular I suppose on WordPress.In any case no one seemed to come to my blog by following my tags.I used to get almost all my traffic from the search engines and a heck of a lot of spam comments,
        It didn’t help one bit in that I felt a little stupid telling friends and family that I was blogging and so kept it secret.And I didn’t have any social media presence till a few days ago.
        Lecturing to an unseen and unresponsive audience is no fun at all.

  3. Congratulations Nicole! And thanks for the nod. 🙂 It’s great to be in such a supportive blogging community.


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