Photo Friday: The Dog Days of Summer

Since I don’t mention the weather enough in my blog (yeah right), I decided to incorporate a few fun facts about the term “dog days of summer”.  What does it mean? Why do we use the term?

The term comes from Sirius, a.k.a the dog star.  Sirius goes through cycles where it rises and sets at the same times as the Sun.  The Egyptians and Romans saw that the dog star coincided with the height of the summer heat and posited that Sirius was adding to the heat.

The “dog days of summer” in the northern hemisphere  is defined as the time period from 20 days before Sirius coincides with the Sun to 20 days after.  This typically begins early July and runs through mid-August, though it can extend to early September depending on the region.

In Phoenix for example,  the monsoon storm season can run through late August – even past Labor Day which results in a longer period of heat and high humidity.

I thought this picture of my uncle’s little doggie was a great visual for “dog days of summer”.  I snapped this in early June when it was still somewhat tolerable outside (which would be before the onset of the dog days).  We were grilling some hot dogs and this guy was enjoying the sunshine in the early part of the afternoon. Of course, after about 10 minutes he ran back inside.

For more information on the term “dogs days of summer”, check out these links:


18 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Dog Days of Summer

  1. Great post. I could enjoy it today because we had one of those beautiful Michigan summer days. I don’t think it got above 80 and there was a cool northern breeze out of Canada.

    • That – sounds like an amazing day. Here, you just get used to the heat, and if it hangs around 100 it feels okay, until the monsoons start and the humidity rises as well. I’ve taken to doing chores, including grocery shopping, for either early mornings or evening/nighttime. Afternoons – forget it.

      Glad you are having some nice summer days in Michigan.

  2. The “Dog Days” are when things are suppose to calm down and one can relax. I hope that happens soon, cuz I need some down time before I go back to school. Perfect post at the perfect time. Thanks. 🙂

    • Yes, dog days are when people are supposed to relax because it is too dang hot and humid to do anything! Except every job I’ve ever had – seems like summer is the busy season. So much for the lazy days of summer.

      • My family and I just had a huge debate over the meaning of “Dog Days” LOL They thought it meant you are crazy busy, and I think it means it is too hot to do anything so you rest on the porch like a dog. You just proved I am right!! Thank you. 🙂

      • Hahaha – I suspect that is why people seem grouchier in the summertime (at least, my perception is that people are grouchier at this time). We should be taking it easy and relaxing to “beat the heat”, but modern life runs counter to this.

  3. Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun. The dog was smart enough to go back in, where it was cool. Where does that leave the Englishmen….er, Americans? Oh yeah, in Phoenix, 80F is a cool spring day.

    • Actually – yeah 80F is a cool spring day here.

      June was tolerable – mostly in the 90’s. I was still able to spend lunch outdoors most days…in the shade of course. The difficult part was tolerating the constant wind.

      Now, it just feels humid by the afternoon, so it is time for everyone (pets included) to stay indoors.

    • LOL – his name is not very original – T-Rex, but trust me, he can get grouchy like a dinosaur.

      Hmmm… I’m not quite sure what this means for New Yorkers. Do New Yorkers actually slow down for any reason? I know in D.C. summers are humid.

      What has been your experience of summer in New York? I personally love discussing weather as you will found out if you keep reading this blog, so by all means let me know.

      • Well… This week was horribly hot and humid, but we’ve got a relief on Friday and Saturday – temperature fell so much, that it felt like autumn… But today we are back to humidity and higher temps… Clinging to air conditioning:-).

      • We are definitely in the midst of the Dog Days then. Humidity has been high here as well. Just had a massive dust storm yesterday (pics will be posted here on Friday).

        Thank goodness for the A/C, right? It always feels like gift when there is a random day that feels like autumn during the summertime.

        Thanks for commenting!

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