I must be on a roll – 2nd blogger this month that has listed one of my blog posts as a related article. This is an interesting post about thunder and also a reminder not to keep pets and kids locked up in cars during the summer. Enjoy!

Dr. Sherry E. Showalter - "Keepin It Real"

Seems now everyday we are hearing that rolling thunder, soon followed by the lightning and the torrential rains here.
I thought I could set my watch by it last week, as it began just in time for those on the roads heading home from work; lasting from minutes to hours, to all day long!
The thunder beings at play as they rolled, calling the lightning to dance across the skies and from cloud to cloud, then pierce those clouds in a swift moment and the rains come down with intensity.
The grass is greener than green and growing so quickly I think I need a goat to catch up!
Oh the rains, the HEAT, the days of summer getting going around the country.
Some need rain, some are raining frogs, and others are under a No water, no fires no where for fear of impending disasters.
We are even hearing…

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    • Good! Periodically I’ve been reading in the news about how the Midwest is in a drought and we’re going to be paying more for produce as a result. Let us keep hoping for more rain all over the country this summer.

      • Yes just yesterday the news was getting us ready for higher prices. 😦 I just hope this rain visits us here and there. Enjoy the day! 🙂


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