Weekly Photo Challenge: Nature

UPDATE: Thanks to Tim over at  20 Lines a Day for posting my entry.  You vote for it by “Liking” my photo over at:


I’m trying my hand at the Weekly Photo Challenge over at 20 Lines a Day.  This week’s challenge is Nature – The Great Outdoors.  I struggled over which photo to submit as I have quite a few.  Should I submit my most recent photos from a visit to my local riparian preserve? Should I submit an older photo from SoCal climbing around Point Loma?

Instead, I decided to pick from my collection of photos I took at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum in Superior AZ back in October 2010.  I had already posted a pic of Ayer Lake back in March on my blog, so I didn’t want to use that one.  I chose this photo of a formation on top of some cliffs.  To me, it almost looks like the head of a cheetah or mountain lion – some sort of feline creature you’d only find in the outdoors.  You’ve got the sky with white puffy clouds, desert plants, mountain, and a representative of an animal.  Seemed like the perfect photo to celebrate the outdoors in my neck of the world.

Once it is up on 20 Lines a Day, I’ll post a link so you can hop on over and vote for this photo if you choose by liking the post on the 20 Lines a Day blog. I also encourage you to check out other photos on their blog and submit an entry of your own!

FYI – I’ve categorized this under Photo Friday.  I’m breaking my own category rules here  a bit because I want to minimize the number of categories listed.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nature

  1. It sort of looks like the head of a buffalo?? It is beautiful as a rock formation. One can imagine a Native American sitting on his horse looking out over the scenery below. Great entry, Nicole. Good luck!! 🙂

    • I have so many photos from the arboretum, and I almost submitted a wide shot of a valley and mountains, but this rock formation seemed unique. If you check under my Photo Friday archive, you’ll see Ayer Lake which is also at the arboretum. I think it was my 2nd Photo Friday post back in March.

      Eventually I need to post more photos from the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. I’m planning to go back in the fall so I should have even more photos. It’s such a lovely place to spend the day.

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