Just a Rainy Saturday Afternoon

This is what I get for making fun of the CDC in my earlier post.  It had been cloudy off and on again today, and just when I decided to jump in the pool around 2:45pm this afternoon, this happened…

Dark clouds, thunder – no lightning yet.

Then the rain started.  Stayed in for about 10 minutes and then it started to pour.  Still no lightning (otherwise I would have never been in the pool).

After exiting the pool, I had to rescue the Zinnia plants from getting drowned and pull them into the covered patio area.

The rain kept coming down harder and harder along with 50+mph winds.  Eventually the lightning came. No, I don’t have pictures of it.

Meanwhile in the front yard, the neighbors across the street were filming their kids running around in the storm.  At least he was having fun.

The rain, wind and lightning lasted until about 5:00pm.

6 thoughts on “Just a Rainy Saturday Afternoon

  1. I love rain but never tried to swim while its raining..will be a new experience..but yes we have to keep plants in shade and also have to move clothes drying outside….if it rains for so long then it is a problem

    • I have swam in the rain before today. Actually it is a nice experience. Again, just make sure it is not lightning outside. I was worried that if the rain were to continue much longer, would it eventually flood the patio? Luckily it didn’t. At least my yard is adequately watered for the next 24 hours!

  2. Holy Cow! You did have monsoon rains. We would kill to have this kind of rain in Chicago. It rained today here, but I compare it to spit compared to yours. 🙂

    • LOL! We have our share of days here where the rain looks like spit and dries up within 10 minutes after hitting the ground. Yesterday’s storm was pretty extensive. Someone on twitter who lives in the next city over from me told me a tree behind their house was struck by lightning. I’m just glad I didn’t have any damage.

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