WordPress Likes to Mock Me

I only realized recently that you can “Like” your own posts on WordPress.  I found this out when I was replying back to a comment and hit “Like” by accident.  No big deal, except that WordPress will mock you Carly Simon style for doing this.

  Come on WP!  If I don’t like myself, how can I expect others to like me?


20 thoughts on “WordPress Likes to Mock Me

  1. Love it, Nicole. I wonder how many times we can like a particular post. There have been some of mine that I have reread a few times and each time I think, gee I like that one. Can I hit “like” each time I like it again. 🙂

    • LOL – Once. WP only lets you like a post one. If you’ve already “Liked” a post and click the “Liked” button, it un-likes the entry. 😦 But you can always re-like the entry again.

      But hey, you can always comment as much as you want on any post!

    • I thought it was hilarious. Just in case you didn’t realize you were being a tad narcissistic in liking your own post, WP calls you out on it.

  2. Somewhere between initial post and home page, my Share and Like buttons disappear. I can’t even like myself, where that’s permitted by law. I can and will discuss how to correct this sad situation with one of my more knowledgable followers. Here, add two more. I Like you! I Like you!

    • Thanks for the extra “Likes”. Comments are just as good as likes as far as I’m concerned, if not better. But it’s nice to have the “Like” option available. Sometimes I am either just too tired to make a comment or just am not sure what to say, so it is nice to have the “Like” button there to let bloggers know their post is appreciated.

      That must be an annoyance that you can’t like posts. I’m sure it is just something in your settings that needs to be checked – but it sounds like you have a blogging guru available to help you.

      Although if anyone out there is reading this comment, feel free to chime in if you know how to help out Archon.

      The only thing I can think of to check is next time you are on your Dashboard, look for the “Settings” link on the sidebar in the left-hand side of your screen. After you click on “Settings”, a sub menu should appear. Click on “Sharing”. You should see options for sharing via services like Twitter and such. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. At the very bottom the option you’ll see “WordPress.com Likes are”. See if the radio button “on for all posts” is checked. I’m not sure if that would allow you to see the “Likes” – it might just be a setting for blog readers but it’s worth a shot to check that setting.

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    • LOL- yes WordPress operates fast in that regard. WordPress was also quick to delete several of my posts back in June when I tried to save drafts.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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