Where’s George?

Happy Independence Day!  Hope all of you stateside are enjoying the holiday.  In today’s post, I want to discuss the Where’s George website.  If you’ve never heard of Where’s George, it is a website where you can track currency as it travels around the nation.

I’ve been aware of this site for years as I first received a dollar bill with a message written in pen on the margin that the dollar bill can be tracked through Where’s George.  Of course, after I entered it in I forgot all about it a few weeks later.  Recently I received a $20 bill that had the following message:

In case you can’t make out the words, it says “See where I’ve been.  Track where I go next!  www.WheresGeorge.com”.

Entering a bill into Where’s George is easy.  From the home screen, there is a button that you click if you’ve found a bill that is already being tracked on the website.  You are then taken to a screen that asks you to input the serial number and zip code of the bill in your possession.

Once you have entered this information, you are taken to a confirmation screen that allows you to make a short comment about where you found the bill.

Once entered, you’ll then see a map and history of where the bill you entered has been.  I received this as change out of an ATM at my local bank.

The bill I entered originated in Wattsburg, PA back in November of 2010.  The next entry was in my area in December of 2011.  So other than making it from Pennsylvania to Arizona, the bill hasn’t traveled far. All I can do now is go spend it and hope that subsequent recipients take a few moments to also track its movement.  I signed up for email alerts whenever there is an update for this bill, so I will keep you all posted.

Well, that’s it for now.  For Canadians, there is a sister site, Where’s Willy.

Have any of you reading this ever tracked a bill through Where’s George or Where’s Willy?

11 thoughts on “Where’s George?

    • Receiving a piece of currency back in 2002 that had a message to visit the website is how I found out about it.

      There is a site for india: http://www.trackgandhi.com/

      I think I will do a follow up post about all the other countries that have similar currency tracking sites.

      Thanks for stopping by! And if you try one of these currency tracking sites, let us know!

      • Please do that follow up post.It might be fun to see where the foreign currency notes circulating here come from.
        I am just going to register and check out trackgandhi.com

  1. This is the first time I have heard about this site. I will try it and see how it works. This would be a great exercise to try with my 7 & 8 grade students. I could give a few some dollars to spend and then we could track them in class. Thanks for this info!! I hope your 4th was good. 🙂

    • Hope your holiday was good as well. That does sound like a fun class project. I envision a future blog post on Grandmother Musings about it. 🙂

  2. I’ve had three Canadian bills, two fives and a ten. Whoever was turning them loose into the wilderness must live just down the highway. One five and the ten had only made 50 miles in two weeks. The other five got to Ontario from B.C. in six months, with no noted stops in between.

  3. wheresgeorge.com is a lot of fun. I’ve been entering bills for 7 years and they’ve been re-entered from every state, Canada, Mexico, Europe and SE Asia. Since I can’t travel that much and that far I least I can vicariously through my money’s travels. There’s more than that on the site. It’s a very social place as well. There’s an extensive forum where you can interact with other Georgers and one of the few places on the web where you can still be anonymous. One of my favorite places on WG is the Numismatic / Bill Collectors’ forum.
    BTW have patience and enter a lot of bills if you want them found. Only some 15% of the ones I enter are found and re-entered (hit). It took over 4 months from the time I entered my first bill until one was put back into the database. It still takes an average of 120 days in circulation before being “found.” And, teachers, it a fun way for kids to learn geography.
    Hope you join us.

    • Thanks for giving us more insight into wheresgeorge.com. I’ve never released any bills myself, only taken time to enter ones that I’ve found, but I’m sure there is a low response rate. I wonder how many people really look at their change? And I can understand how it might be a hassle for some people to enter their bill into a site they’ve never heard of, which I why I wanted to discuss it on my blog.

      It is a neat thing to see how far a piece of currency you’ve held in your hand has traveled.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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