July Spotlight

Guess what? It’s time to unveil the NMNPHX Spotlight Awards!  I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wondering when this will happen and who will be featured in the inaugural round of the Spotlight Awards.  Well, you can all stop chewing your fingernails in anticipation because this is happening NOW!

If you are just joining in on my blog and scratching your head about what is going on, let me quickly re-cap.  After receiving a few different blogger awards that are circulating around the blogging community, I thought wouldn’t it be cool to just routinely give other bloggers a shout out without waiting for another blog nomination?  Wouldn’t it be nice to pass on an award to another blogger without conditions? Out of that train of thought came the NMNPHX Spotlight Award.

I’ve created a page on my blog that contains the award logo and purpose of the award.  Check it out, especially if you’ve been spotlighted. Before I get into spotlighting any blogs, let me list a few facts about this award:

1.  If I pass on the Spotlight Award to you, congratulations!  It means I thought your blog was awesome enough to mention on my blog complete with a short description to my readers about why your blog is awesome.

2. Unlike other blog awards floating around the internet, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING TO ACCEPT THE AWARD.

3. If you want to paste the logo on your blog and let your readers know you’ve been spotlighted, that’s cool. If you think my award is bunk and don’t want to mention it to anyone, well that is your choice.  But just know that you’ve won and you don’t need to do anything else besides bask in the glory of being recognized by one of your peers.

Okay, are you ready? Below are the 5 blogs I’ve chosen to spotlight for July.

1.  I Miss Me, Too

Tagline: Learning to Live Life Fully with Fibromyalgia & Other Chronic Illnesses

Blog Summary: imissmetoo is run by a very talented woman, Patricia, who is living with Fibromyalgia.  Patricia blogs about her experience living with this condition and how she copes with it.  She definitely has a unique voice and the way she strings words together is just beautiful.

Excerpt: One day during that first year after being diagnosed, I was in the kitchen with my husband of 40 years. He stopped working, looked at me, and said that he knew I couldn’t help it but he missed me. He had tears in his eyes. My eyes welled up and I said, “I miss me, too.” We embraced and cried together.  

One more item: Her most recent post describes a 2009 trip to Kyrgyzstan where she stayed in a yurt.

2. meanwhilein3

Tagline: Revealing the state of the 3rd world and places in need.

Blog Summary: This is a blog run by Razz, a young woman who routinely serves on humanitarian missions in 3rd world countries.  The blog describes these various humanitarian missions as well as discusses the numerous issues facing 3rd world countries.

Excerpt:  I know we like to indulge in the dirt and mundane details of the modern world. Heck, if it weren’t true I wouldn’t have to realign my perspective of this world so often. So go ahead and read those gossip blogs and tweet the mundane details, I’m right with you. But after you’re done come here and find out the real dirt. The dirt that is staining the lives of so many. This is a commentary providing the real dirt and solutions to the dirt for the 3rd World and other places in need.

One more item: She developed her love of serving on humanitarian missions from her father who also devoted time to these endeavors.

3. Social Jerk

Tagline: Because writing about social work can be funny, too! (Sorry Precious)

Blog Summary: Social worker from the Bronx who uses humor to deal with the challenges that are just part of the job.  From her About page, she moved from just telling her mother stories of on the job craziness to blogging about it.

Excerpt: I have a few theories as to why more of the adults I work with seem to attract drama. One is the lack of traditional employment. Most of my clients work, for sure. But most of that work is off the books, quasi-self-employment like Avon, or more casual like baby-sitting and odd jobs. The thing that helps some people reign in their nuttier impulses, especially on the social networks, is the need to keep up a professional appearance. If that’s not there, there’s less incentive to hold back. 

One more item: I don’t know how I ended up on Social Jerk’s blog a couple of weeks ago, but what drew me in is that I’m on the flip side of the mother/daughter social work stories exchange.  My mom is a social worker for a non-profit behavioral health agency and I get to hear of the fun realities of the job.

I also used to work for my state’s health department which is in charge of behavioral health services- so for awhile I was working for the state agency governing the company my mom works for and have some insight into the pros and cons of the system here in AZ (behavioral health case managers are completely different from Child Protective Service workers who are not under the state’s health system).   Reading through Social Jerk’s blog, it’s amazing how similar her experiences are to what I’ve observed and heard from social workers over here on my side of the country.

4. Grandmother Musings

Tagline: None

Blog Summary: Musings about life from Jamie who always seems to find a way to incorporate inspiration, humor and encouragement in her daily blog posts.  Topics on her blog vary from book reviews to using vinegar as a weed killer to poetry and everything in-between.  The excerpt below is from her hilarious post about how fortunes in  fortune cookies have lost their way.  She also shares some of the crazier fortunes she has received.

Excerpt:  The best part of ordering Chinese food is the meal-ending crack of the fortune cookie.  It is exciting to see what little bit of wisdom is held in a crisp cashew shaped cookie, and they are tasty as well. However, lately, I have been disappointed in the quality of the fortunes found in the fortune cookies.

When I open that cookie, I want to hear something positive, something full of ancient wisdom, or something that I might hear from a palm reader. Since fortune cookies were introduced and created in the United States, the fortunes inside used to be based on proverbs, Bible verses, and English versions of  Confucius Teachings. Somewhere I think these wise little notes have gotten lost.  I do not think people want condescending words or nonsense in their cookies.  Maybe the fortune cookie companies need to get back to basics and hire more competent fortune writers. After all, people like me who order Chinese Food depend on this knowledge!

One more item: Grandmother Musings has only been around since March of this year and has already hit the 500 Likes milestone from WordPress.

5. Drew Kail

Tagline: Printmaking and other things

Blog Summary: Drew  is an artist who primarily uses his blog to chronicle the adventures of putting together amazing prints.  Drew does a great job explaining some of the technical details and methods used to create his art, as well as insight into what inspires him. He is a believer in creative re-use of materials.  If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it is recycling materials by using them in different ways.  The excerpt below is from an older post describing a collage he created called Sights Unseen.

Excerpt: This collage touches on the idea that there are separate realities from ours playing out at the same time, but unseen to our eyes.  I tried to imagine what it would be like if they all acknowledged each other.  Take, for instance, the movie “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit”.  The film portrays a Hollywood in which people coexist with cartoons, and deals with the issues the arise when the unreal becomes real.  How would we react?  How would the inhabitants of the alternate realities react? Would someone be sectioned off in a ghetto the way the cartoons were to Toon Town?  And most importantly, how close are we to seeing these alternate realities, and do we catch glimpses of them out of the corner of our eye on a day to day basis?

One more item: By no means does Drew hype this on his blog, but if you like his artwork and you have a blank wall in your home itching for something to cover it, think about shooting Drew a message if you are in the market for some art. He does sell his prints.

Well, that is all for this month.  I hope you enjoyed the inaugural round of the NMNPHX Spotlight Awards.  If you’ll excuse me, I have to get started on rounding up another 5 blogs for August.

18 thoughts on “July Spotlight

  1. Thanks Nicole, this is awesome! The way you put the spotlight award together is so wonderful and thoughtful. I’m honored to be one of the inaugural five.

  2. Wow, I am so honored – thank you for supporting me. This was a very creative idea and am looking forward to seeing next month’s picks. I especially appreciate how you are helping me find new bloggers who open up whole new perspectives and broaden my world.

    • That is the plan! There are so many blogs out there doing so many different things. I really want to use this not only as a way for others to discover blogs but myself as well.

      I really believe your blog serves a great purpose to not just entertain but inform as well. Congrats!

  3. Nicole, I am humbled and honored to be chosen as one of the first 5 to be in the spotlight. I will proudly hang my award on my page. Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. Pingback: Spotlight Award « Grandmother Musings

  5. I was actually thinking about making a similar award that I would give out. Glad to see it was a good idea!

    • Cool! I’ll update the post later today to refer to you as Razz. I do hope you enjoy the award and keep doing what you are doing. Having other inspirational bloggers around makes it easy for all of us to keep blogging and dreaming.

  6. WOW! What a wonderful and encouraging idea. I love the blogs you have chosen to spotlight. It takes a loving, generous person to put others first. Thanks for visiting my blog.



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