26 thoughts on “Award Logo: Help Me Pick One

  1. Nicole, I really like Logo 1. It is bright, happy, and the lettering is easy to read. The outline is more defined and will work with other blog backrounds. I love your idea of spotlighting blogs. Your system would make the awards seem more legitimate since they would have an origination. I am with you!! 🙂

    • Hi Jamie! Thank you for your feedback. Logo 1 is definitely my favorite. I always had the idea to do a monthly blog review, and this seems like a positive way to do so.

      • Yes, do it! By the way, how’s the dust cloud over Phoenix? They featured a story this evening on the late news, and I thought about you. 🙂

      • Ugh – it looked like it might get hairy there for awhile. Visibility on the roads was definitely limited. Made it home right when the lightning started. It rained for literally one minute. The whole thing was over by 8pm – although my neighbor was sitting on his curb letting the dirt and leaves hit him during the storm.

    • Hey well- you never know! Now that you are on my radar I can take some time to read your blog and possibly “spotlight” your blog in the coming months.

  2. I thought I might have to come and quietly kill you for creating yet another blog award. No passing it on? No secret personal information? You’ve dumbed it down! I can do dumb. Go for it. I’m just a guy against all the females, but, I like blue, and #2 is a beautiful blue. It’s got my vote.

    • LOL – Thanks for the vote! #2, first vote for #2. I like that you are going against the grain here.

      I know, I couldn’t help but wonder how many bloggers in the WordPress community might cringe at the thought of another award. Hopefully people won’t roll their eyes when they receive it. I just thought about how awards are done in real life. I’ve never been asked to nominate more people to give an award right away to when I’ve received recognition for something.

  3. I have to go with logo 1 as well. It’s colorful and direct, while at the same time seems to fit with the styles of the other blog awards more than number two or three.


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