Photo Friday: Accidental Snapshot

Back in the day when I had to use a regular old camera to take pictures, I always seemed to accidentally use up 1-2 pictures per roll.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a roll of film to get developed only to find a picture of:

-A shot of the floor or

-Wadded up tissues from the inside of my purse or

-A wall

Seems my affinity for snapping a photo by mistake has continued into the digital age.  While taking some photos in vicinity of Chase Field, my camera went off while I was climbing up some stairs at the Phoenix Convention Center.  I kept the picture because I thought the twisty staircase actually looked cool.  Maybe I have weird tastes.  Anyhow, below is the accidental snapshot.

Do you have any interesting tales of photos that should have never been?


9 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Accidental Snapshot

  1. I suffer muscle tremors. My best intentional shot wouldn’t look that good. Wadded up tissues, riding a unicorn, maybe,….in a tornado. Nothin’ wrong with weird. Some of the nicest people are weird. Some of the weirdest people are nice. Someone told my son one day, that he was quite eccentric. He said, “Thank you!”

    • Thanks for the comment. I can’t imagine what it’s like to deal with muscle tremors. LOL-riding a unicorn in a tornado. Wouldn’t that be a sight!

      Weird is one of those descriptors that has such a wide range of meanings. You can have 10 different people who are 10 different types of weird. I like eccentric much better. Your son probably has a great sense of humor. I don’t know if anyone has ever described me as eccentric, well to my face at least. Lively is the one that i get most often though I sometimes think that could be a code word for eccentric.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Since you asked about unintentional photos – one time the pre-boarding photo on a cruise ship was taken against a green screen, and we just happened to wear green shirts. Later when they added the ship to the photo, we had the ship in our shirts. We don’t normally buy those photos, but we got that one because of the mistake. Otherwise it would have just been an ordinary picture of unphotogenic people. I have that one posted on a blog if anyone wants to see it, just look for the photo captioned “ship in shirts”.

    • LOL – that actually is a keeper!

      One time I took a tour of the news station that operates in the same building I work in and one of the weather anchors encouraged people with green shirts to come on over so we could see something like that. One of the staffers had a Mountain Dew shirt so at one point you just saw a Mountain Dew logo floating over the weather map.

      Thanks for sharing that here.

  3. Funnily enough, just back from Wroclaw in Poland, the very first shot I took there, I have no recollection of taking! It was of my neice in the Panorama Raclowice and is at a wonderfully skewed angle. On reflection, I was panning around considering a shot and adjusting my camera as flash was not allowed.


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