Random Blog Announcements: June Edition

In this issue:

1. Commuter Chronicles

2. Tagline

3. Blog Awards


Hey there! Nicole here.  Just wanted to check in and mention a few things about the blog.

1. Commuter Chronicles

I just realized it’s been over a month since I’ve posted a Commuter Chronicles post.  I’ve got a few more in the works and will be posting one tomorrow evening. In the meantime, feel free to read past Commuter Chronicle stories by clicking on Commuter Chronicles under Categories on the sidebar.  Poke around and maybe leave a comment or two.

2. Tagline

Last week I updated my tagline.  For the longest time I left it in WordPress style as Just a writer in the PHX.  I decided to snazz it up now that I’m fully committed to this blogging thing.  Hopefully it does justice to whatever it is I’m doing on this blog.

3. Blog Awards

After I sent out my Versatile and Lovely blog awards last week, I did receive another Lovely Blog Award from Priscilla at Online Dating Journal.  I’ve been sick the past few days and just haven’t had the energy to do another awards post but wanted to at least acknowledge it.

I didn’t realize there were so many of these awards out there and I think they are starting to reach saturation point in that we’re all running out of people to nominate.  I think the spirit of these awards are great, but I can’t keep up with them right now.

So if I ever do receive any future awards, I’ll acknowledge them in a short post such as what I’m doing here (watch now I won’t ever receive another award – haha).

However, instead of doing nominations, I’m looking at a monthly “Spotlight On” blog post highlighting 1-5 new blog discoveries. I think anytime someone mentions your blog on their blog it feels like an award anyways.

You still with me here?  One more item, promise.


I welcome feedback on my blog. Each week I’m getting more and more likes and follows, but I really hoped to have more interaction on my blog.  I do respond back to all comments.  The only thing I ask is that comments are respectful and if you disagree or don’t like something I wrote, give me constructive feedback.  I thankfully haven’t had any mean comments in the year I’ve had this blog, but you never know.

Thats all!

Until tomorrow,


7 thoughts on “Random Blog Announcements: June Edition

    • I am feeling better now, just took a few days. Had a few different things going on. When I do get really sick it always happens in the summertime 😦

      Glad you like the new tagline!


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