Dear WordPress

Dear WordPress,

While I appreciate that I get to blog here for free and you’re so much more attractive than the other blogging sites out there, do you think you can do something about the fact that lately, when I  hit  the Save Draft button,  you completely delete everything I just typed up instead of saving it?

If years of schooling taught me anything, it was SAVE YOUR WORK.  And in the span of a week, you’ve forced me to break that habit as I’ve now lost not one, but two AWESOME blog entries that I must now try to re-create because I dared to save my work within WordPress.

I’m a busy person trying to put together a few blog posts for the week so that I can just come home after work, give it a once over and hit Publish.  Maybe I’ve entered some weird alt universe where Save Draft actually means Destroy Everything But the Title.  I once met a principal when I worked in the K-12 industry that actually did believe this, so maybe it’s karma paying me back years later for making fun of the guy.  But that’s beside the point.

For the time being, I’ve decided to create all my blog entries in MS Word and save them in order to ensure that my words don’t disappear at the click of a button. I didn’t want to involve a 3rd party facilitator, but since you won’t let me in on what’s bothering you, I had to seek counseling.  I hope that you will at least cooperate with the counselor.

Hopefully Microsoft doesn’t pull a switcharoo on me either. As long as I can still count on good ol’ MS Word to save my words when I tell it to, then I think I can work still work around your problem.

Hey, it’s okay – we all have our off weeks.  But at some point, we all need to pull ourselves together and figure out how to function on a daily basis. I’m here for you if you can eventually work through your “stuff” or “baggage” or whatever. But, I only have so much patience and can only stand by you for so long.


Nicole a.k.a NMNPHX

P.S. Don’t make me take up with Blogger.  I don’t want to, but if you keep up this erratic behavior for too long – well, a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do.

8 thoughts on “Dear WordPress

    • Oh, no, you are not alone. WordPress has been doing some screwy stuff lately, but this is the one thing that has annoyed the hell out of me this week.

      The first time it happened, I thought maybe I did something wrong. Luckily in that instance I did a CTRL Z and my words came back but I pasted them elsewhere because sure enough when I hit Save Draft again, it kept erasing my blog post.

      Then it happened again yesterday, although my post was completely erased and I couldn’t get it back with the Undo function. It’s not devastating, I actually have what I wanted to say written down on pen and paper but still… I was too tired to re-type the whole thing so I decided to take to yelling at WordPress instead.

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