Abandoned Ideas: Name Proliferation

Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’m remembering some ideas I’ve had over the years.  Had I followed through on some of them I might have actually made serious money (like my idea for voice recognition software at age 10).  D’oh!

Anyhow, here was my scheme for becoming famous.

When I was in high school, I had an idea to become famous to by setting aside money each month to purchase various commemorative plaques or bricks or anything else where for a small fee my name could appear on it.

It wasn’t a money-making idea, it was just an idea to eventually have my name plastered all over the city.  By getting my name onto one brick, one plaque and one building at a time, it seemed in my juvenile mind a fairly affordable way to become famous without really doing anything.  And most of the time these things are sold to collect money for chartiable causes so I figured this would cancel out my selfishness.

This of course, was before I understood that $200 here and $500 there was actually a decent chunk of change.  This was also way back before the reality TV and internet boom – which has made countless people famous for no good reason.

The scheme would work like this: every couple of months I’d donate money for whatever organization was selling spaces to engrave one’s name. I also thought I’d be able to sponsor things like park benches.

Over time, my name would start appearing on multiple items and people would wonder who I am.   Eventually, someone in the local press (in my fanasty world it was the New Times Magazine) would find me and interview me.   By then I’d be doing several awesome things and the article would make me an instant local celebrity.

In retrospect, I would have had to buy a hell of a lot of bricks to get noticed and even then, I’d doubt more than a handful of people would have remembered seeing my name on more than one occasion.

Ah, dreams are just never quite the same when you grow up and let reality smack you around.

7 thoughts on “Abandoned Ideas: Name Proliferation

  1. That’s actually quite an interesting and creative way to get famous! At least you’d get fame for doing something worthwhile, not acting stupid and looking pretty like people on reality TV do.

  2. I dig this idea a lot actually. I think in high school my scheme was to write under two different names and have them constantly fight with each other. The drama would get so heightened that people would keep reading and then I’d step in, writing under my real name, and resolve the conflict thus ensuring my status as famous peacekeeper. In retrospect, I’m not sure why this method was so appealing to me.

    • I can see why it would be appealing, especially at that age. Somehow in high school, schemes to reach one’s dreams seemed so much more grand.

      Actually – your scheme sounds like a potential plot for a novel. Ever thought about turning it into a story?

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