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Just when I thought the celebrating would wind down on this blog (after all, I stretched out my bloggiversary to a week long event) I’ve just received 3 more blogger awards in the past week.

My first nomination came in last Thursday from Priscilla over at Online Dating Journal.  She bestowed the Versatile Blogger Award onto my blog. We were both nominated for the Sunshine Award by Lolo over at Ranting on the Lolo.  I started getting likes from Priscilla so I checked out her work.  She has a very frank and candid blog which is not for the faint of heart. But if you aren’t bothered by the mature nature of the blog, her posts are pretty funny. She’s also very supportive of other bloggers.

Before I could start rounding up a list of nominees, I received the One Lovely Blog Award from Drew Kail on Saturday.  I then received a second One Lovely Blog award from Jamie at Grandmother Musings on Sunday.

The blogs of the three bloggers who nominated me this past week couldn’t be more different from each other which is the beauty of being immersed in the blogging community.  Expanding upon my 3-part bloggiversary posts, blogging is an amazing way to not only share one’s voice with others but help build that voice by observing and learning from one’s blogging colleagues.

Although these aren’t the first nominations I’ve received, I continue to be surprised when someone out there receives one of these nominations and thinks to pass on an award to me. I’m ever so grateful that even one person is paying attention to what I’m doing.

Now, both the Versatile Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award have the exact same rules.  Those rules are:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link.  See above.

– Name 7 random things about yourself. I’m only naming 7 random things – see #2, I can’t muddle through 21 separate items right now.

1. The first thing I did when I got home today was take picture of a massive plant-like thing growing in my front yard so I can take it to a nursery to identify.  Seriously, it looks like it could be some type of conifer  or succulent, but deep down I fear it may just be a massive weed that looks like a tree.

2. For some reason I’m having a really hard time writing down 7 random things.  So that’s a thing.

3. I know how to use a soldering iron. At one point and time I also knew how to read a schematic. This is one of those things that my brain deleted to make room for new stuff.

4. My favorite job to date was being a graduate research assistant. It was great – salary + free tuition + full medical.  It gets hard to make a career out of that because they eventually expect you to graduate and move on. Harsh.

5.  And to build on #4, I couldn’t stomach doing a PhD at the time either to stay on the university gravy train.   I can handle doing one project for a couple of months, but not years.

6. I like drinking hot coffee in the summertime.  The hot, dry air just seems to bring out the coffee aroma even more.

7. I loved Edgar Allen Poe stories as a kid.  I re-read some of my favorite Poe stories about 5 years ago and… I didn’t like them as much.  I plan to re-read Poe again to make a final decision.

Pass the recognition to 15 blogs you enjoy and let them know.

I’ll compromise – instead of naming 45 blogs, I’ll do 25. 13 for the Versatile Blogger Award and 12 for the One Lovely Blog Award. I tried for 30 but I just couldn’t think anymore. Yes, there will be some blogs nominated that I’ve mentioned before but there are also a good amount of new blogs never before mentioned here.  Hey – I can only discover so many new blogs each week! Also, because I have 2 awards here, I can nominate the bloggers who nominated me for the other award. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!

Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Yustdesign – I have to add a blurb here about this awesome blog about design and space and architecture, etc… I’m still trying to wrap my brain around some of this stuff.  Parasite offices? Not what you think – it’s a structure built in-between structures.  I saw what a parasite office was thanks to Yustdesign.
  2. Elli Chortara Illustrations
  3. Shaven Wookie
  4. Lightening Pen
  5. Women Fiction Writers
  6. LAGOS
  7. Goldey’s Blog
  8. Coco J. Ginger
  9. Edilio Ciclostile
  10. Music for Offices
  11. 1001 Scribbles
  12. Grandmother Musings
  13. Drew Kail

One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Elisa Kuland – Living in the Here and Now
  2. The Whispers of Life
  3. Texana’s Kitchen
  4. A Squid Writes
  5. Crazy Train to Tinky Town
  6. Clouds of Colour
  7. Clotilda Jamcracker
  8. Lady Romp
  9. Talin Orfali
  10. Transports of Delight
  11. Ranting on the Lolo
  12. Online Dating Journal

33 thoughts on “A Lovely and Versatile Blog

  1. Nicole you are awesome! Congratulations for the Versatile Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blog Award. What a week you are having~Enjoy! Many thanks to you for nominating Grandmother Musings for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am honored to be recognized. 🙂

  2. Thank you! Hi, what an incredible honor to be nominated, for which I thank you!!! This is GREAT NEWS and yes it did catch me off guard! Well I’ll be happily wishing I will win, but I don’t like getting my hopes up too high! So I’ll just wait and see! And your blog by the way deserves all the accolades it’s getting and then some, as it’s incredibly inspiring! Thank you again so very much!

    • Oh see – in order to win, all you have to do is accept your nomination! The beauty of these awards is that everyone you nominate is a winner. You accept your nomination by creating a blog post similar to this where you acknowledge the person who gave you the award, post the award logo in your entry or on your blog, tell us a little bit about yourself, and nominate other blogs.

      I explain it better in these posts:

      I know Jamie at Grandmother Musings also nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award, so you’ve got two awards waiting for you to accept!

      • Hi, I had just started my blog when I realized something. I have a dumb question for you and an essential one for me to ask, I don’t know how to paste the Versatile and Lovely blogger image using my iPhone? I don’t have Internet on my home computer, because I had problems with security. If there’s no way to it I still can get it done at a Fedex,but I’ve never pasted an image, so how would I do it on a desktop? I hate to ask these questions more than you’ll ever know, but I want to take on the responsibility of these awards and complete them. I have holes in my education that I apologize for! There’s nothing I can do about! Truly sorry to bother you!

    • Hi, I apologize I forgot the link http://www.lightningpen.com. And I perceived the rules incorrectly the first time thru, so I’ll take care of the requirements in a new blog in a short while! I also feel bad, because I had the wrong idea about the inspiring blogger award! So maybe my brain will stop playing with thread and work properly! Again thank you for the nomination for each! Have a day of inspiration!

      • I’m not sure how it works with iPhones, but on a desktop computer, I can just right click on the image to get a pop-up menu. Usually there is a “save image as” option so I click that and save the image to my hard drive. Once saved, I can then upload the image to my WordPress post (let me know if you don’t know how to do that).

        There is an eHow article on copy and pasting images with an iPhone –

        Don’t go through the extra trouble of going to a FedEx. If the article doesn’t help and you can’t figure it out, let me know. I can email you later to see if we can figure it out. If not, don’t fret out the images – just do your post without it – you can always refer your nominees back to a blog that has the image that they can copy.

        If anyone else out there reads this and knows how to help, feel free to chime in.

      • Hi, thank you for taking the time to figure out what I couldn’t and for giving me great help! I’m going to Fedex tomorrow morning with my list! And I’m going to do exactly what you said and take a shot at getting it perfect! At the very least I’ll provide a link to someone’s blog with the image! I think I can pull this off, because if I get stuck they’re very knowledgeable at Fedex. Granted, I don’t know how to upload an image to WordPress, but I’m convinced I can figure it out! I apologize for the wait, but life’s running me ragged! Thank you again for the help and advice, and especially for such a great award that I will always treasure!

      • Hi, I told some sarcastic jokes in my acceptance blog for The Versatile blog about you and I was worried it might have offended you! If that’s the case I sincerely apologize and I’ll gladly remove the jokes! Please let me know what your feelings are about it, as I didn’t mean to bother you at all! I had been writing sarcastic jokes in a new book and continued into my blog!

      • Seriously – I work at a bloated corporation, where you have to have -as they say – thick skin – to get through the day. If anything I thought you were poking fun at the weird things we all list about ourselves with these awards. I think your comments will pique more interest into my blog because your readers will read your post and think “who is this person?”.

        It’s sweet that you worried about it though. A little sarcasm here and there is always needed.

  3. ” It gets hard to make a career out of that because they eventually expect you to graduate and move on. Harsh.”

    Haha so true! They’re mean like that.

    • I know, right? They get you hooked on doing fancy research and letting you have an open schedule to do so and then yank it out from under you so you’re forced to take jobs in the real world. So cruel. 😦

      • Yup. Uni in general is cruel, because you spend years studying on the promise of getting a better job at the end, and then you graduate and go back to the bottom of the barrel! Yep I have an Arts degree. And yes, I’m bitter.

        My solution: go back to uni! Yaaaaay 🙂

    • LOL- no worries. Ugh – your comment got thrown into spam (sometime I hate wordpress) so I read it after I commented on your blog. I’ve had more crazy weeks lately that I’d ever want. This gives me a few days to discover some more blogs or nominate ones I couldn’t think of yesterday.

      Thank you for the nomination and congratulations to you!

  4. Hi Nicole! Thank you for nominating me for VBA. At first, I was really surprised when I saw this one, and I had no idea what to do because I’m just new to this Blogging stuff. But I really appreciate it, you’re great. 🙂

    • You really don’t have to anything if you don’t feel like it. I just enjoy passing recognition on to other bloggers. If you want to pass on the award to other bloggers, just do a post similar to what I did here and pass on some nominations. The actual “rules” of the award tell you to post 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers. I never quite followed the rules to a tee, though.

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