Do I Need a Proper Title?

UPDATE: I just spiffed up my tagline.  Like it? If not, too bad!

Titles are always the hardest thing for me to drum up.  Not just in writing, but anything. I cringe whenever I have to name anything.  So when I decided to blog, my initials and hometown abbreviation were the only things that I could string together and seemed to give my blog a purpose without boxing myself in a corner.

One thing I learned after setting up a blog is that your URL doesn’t necessarily have to match the title of your blog.  Seems obvious, but hey there is a lot to learn about blogging.

So lately I’ve been thinking, it is time for me give my blog a proper title? Or is NMNPHX perfectly acceptable? Sometimes I think it throws people off because it isn’t a phrase or a full name.

I’m interested to get some feedback from the blogosphere on this one. My URL wouldn’t change, just the title.

4 thoughts on “Do I Need a Proper Title?

    • True. I do still like the title of my blog and it is unique. I don’t want to over think it too much but at the same time I’ve just wondered what the general feeling was about it.

      I’m leaning towards just plugging in a snazzier tag line under the title.

  1. I would agree with keeping the title you have and bedazzling the tag line. I think the title draws a person in, because it is not immediately apparent as to what it means, and it is unique.


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