One Year Anniversary Part III

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog this past week.  To wrap up my week-long celebration of making it to the one-year mark with this blog, I’d like to now share some words from fellow bloggers Kaitlyn and Drew about why they blog.  Feel free to share why you blog by leaving a comment below.

First, I’d like to share Kaitlyn’s story, author of the Transports of Delight blog, about why she blogs:

I started blogging to enforce a discipline on my writing. My blog keeps me committed to churning out new content. My hard drive is typically full of unfinished ‘novels’. (It’s not really a novel if all you did was write “Galactic Vet: The Trilogy” at the top of a page, is it?) But the idea that there might be an audience of blog readers out there (however small) waiting to read- that motivates me to finish stories.

The thing I love best about blogging is getting feedback from people. When I first started Transports of Delight, I was certain those twelve hits I was getting were just my boyfriend pressing ‘refresh’ over and over. But then a girl I hadn’t seen in years walked up to me at a pool party and said “Hey, when’s the next post?” People leave Facebook comments and tell me what they liked. It helps me develop my writing style and hopefully get better. I write to be read, and blogging is the simplest way to get a readership. And also the funnest.

Next, a word from Drew Kail, about what motivates him to blog:

I think there are two fundamental things that keep me blogging day in and day out; one is having a platform to express my work and myself creatively without third party influence, and the other is the community you can achieve with other bloggers.  I genuinely enjoy reading and commenting on other blogger’s posts to find out what they are up to, and what it is that drives them to do what they do.

I also feel fortunate when others follow my blog, or like and comment on things that I have written.  Blogging is a global community in which an individual can always find someone else to say “right on” to what they are feeling, doing and just plain passionate about, and that makes it special.

I want to thank both Kaitlyn and Drew for taking time to share what they enjoy about blogging wth my audience.  If you’re reading my blog and are thinking about starting a blog of your own, hopefully their words above will give you some inspiration to go for it.

To cap off this post, I’d like to invite bloggers to tell me (¡dígame!) about why they blog by leaving a comment below.

If you are a potential blogger but haven’t got your blog off the ground yet, leave a comment as well.   If you’re facing obstacles getting your blog started, perhaps myself or other bloggers stopping by can help you out!

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