Photo Friday: PB&J

Every year my company does a peanut butter and jelly drive during the summer to donate to local foodbanks.  The TV station on the bottom floor of my building (yes, the same building that was evacuated just days earlier and no I don’t work in the TV station) was doing a feature to kickoff the month-long food drive for the 4pm newscast in the lobby of the building.  I couldn’t help but take some snapshots of the event.  I took the picture from the atrium area above the lobby – no way I was taking a chance of showing up on the news!

Below is the bird’s eye view of the event.

As you can see, there was a lot of stuff going on.  Mr. Peanut caught my attention first.

Next was the Uncrustable…who just couldn’t seem to get away from this little girl.

Even after the girl left the Uncrustable alone, Uncrustable seemed a little traumatized.

I felt a little sorry for the bear, who seemed left out in all the activity.  I mean, you have a peanut and an uncrustable…the bear just seems to blend into the background.

Besides, I can’t quite figure out how the bear relates to a PB&J food drive.



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