One Year Anniversary, Part II

 Those who persevere make continuous progress.

-The I-Ching or Book of Changes

Welcome to Part II of III in my bloggiversary extravaganza!  Okay, so I didn’t have fireworks to accompany this post but I am stretching this out to a week long celebration.

In my previous post, I touched upon how I procrastinated to start this blog, how I struggled to develop blog posts and how I eventually overcame my frustration with blogging and came back to it after a lenghty hiatus.

In other words,  I persevered in keeping this blog going which helped me progress as a blogger.

Before I get to the last part of this anniversary series of posts in which I’ll share some words of wisdom from other bloggers, I wanted to quickly share some of my lessons learned as a blogger. And so, I present to you…

Things Nicole Learned in the Past Year as a Blogger Which Will Help Her Progress in Year 2

  • The anniversary of a blog is referred to as a bloggiversary. Of course, I learned about this AFTER I posted Part I of my anniversary posts. I had to use it here to make sure I sound like a proper blogger.
  • This blog is a personal blog.   As long as my authentic voice shines thorugh, my posts will fit together side by side.
  • No matter how much I progress as a blogger, there will always be another blog out there that I feel is better than my blog.  But as long as I’m happy with my blog, I shouldn’t compare my blog to other blogs.  This isn’t a competition.
  • But- there are some pretty awesome bloggers out there.  Keep interacting with the blogging community and develop a rapport with other awesome bloggers.  Amidst the glut of social media choices out there, blogging seems to be a genuine way to connect to others across the world by sharing your voice with that community.

Stay tuned  for Part III to be posted either Sunday or Monday.

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