Word Jumble

When I began blogging last summer, I wanted to use this forum as a means to enhance my writing.  I reasoned I would be focused on creating blog posts, and in the process, this would also keep me motivated to start building a body of written work that I could then try to get published.

When my blogging waned, I still carted my trusty notebook out to the picnic tables on the campus of the nursing college which is just a block away from my work.  It was the perfect way to give myself a lunch break while accomplishing my writing goals.

Since I began blogging again this spring, my lunch time writing sessions start to focus more on crafting blog posts.  And them my brain just started to bail on me.

After eating my lunch and perusing the news for a few minutes, I normally would pull out my black ball point pen and get to work.   But then those days when work began to get more stressful, I’d start to unwind by working on a crossword puzzle for 20 minutes and then spend the last part of my lunch hour working.  And then the one day that I knew in my heart would be the last time I’d feel the cool, clean spring air encircling me, I couldn’t even write.  All I could do is take it in.

Of course, now the weather is heating up and I find it more difficult to focus on writing.  Instead I become more distracted by the noticeable passing of the seasons.  For all practical purposes, it is summer now, and there is a stale brightness hanging in the atmosphere.  Breezes start out cool for about two seconds, and then the air turns warm, like when you are baking something and open up the oven only to get a blast of heat in your face.  About 50 feet away from the concrete picnic table I claim as my desk at lunchtime, I can both feel and smell the exhaust blasting out of cars whizzing by on the street. Which is, as you can imagine, quite distracting.

This also leads me to believe I may be experience a bout of… *gasp* …writer’s block.

I just can’t bring myself to add on to any one piece of work I have going on.  I seem to be lacking focus on writing. One of the problems is that my notebook of writing is becoming full.  And I can’t say that I’ve finishing any one story in particular.  As I started to pull out loose pages and printouts that were also stuffed in my notebook, I began to get overwhelmed at the volume of what I then deemed half-baked nonsense spilling out onto page after page after page of my lined college ruled notebook.

I’ve got to have at least one decent piece in this jumble of words.

Is it writer’s block or just a lack of focus?

Is it writer’s block or just an after effect of my body still trying to recover from the physical ailments leftover from 12 straight months of dealing with one stressful situation after another that I still can’t bring myself to write about?

Is it writer’s block or am I over-thinking my writing?

What to do?

I keep telling myself I need to take inventory of what I’ve already written, and really evaluate where I want the story or stories to go.  Do any of them tell a similar story or can I weave certain scenes together? Do I need to focus on editing right now?

Do I need to change the location of my writing sessions?

Does my brain just need a little more rest?

I also haven’t read a book for fun since last September.  Perhaps it’s time to do some reading in order to get some writing done.

I’ll figure it out eventually.

Any suggestions? What do you do when you’re in a creative rut?


8 thoughts on “Word Jumble

    • Yeah – I suppose that as long as I’m doing alright in creating blog posts – the creative juices to finish up my non-blog writing will kick start. Thanks for stopping by Andy!

  1. The trick is non to panic, it’ll all work out. When I feel stuck I usually try to make something I wouldn’t normally make in order to jar that creative spirit out of bed. One time I made my wife a pair of earings from reused wire and paper. It did the trick.

    • That’s a great idea! I actually have some yard improvements to do over the weekend – I might just put together the rock garden I’ve been wanting to build for the past 2 months. It does seem like taking time to do other stuff helps the creative spark.

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  3. Hi, I watch the news a lot before writing, and it helps dramatically to see the kaleidoscope of emotions and stories! I feel the seasons, but I prefer a constant 64 degrees in my writing room to work. It matters, you have to be as comfortable as you can, so that all’s you’re thinking about is what to write next! Thank you for the like! Write everything you know and then some things you don’t!

    • Thanks for the advice. My problem is I am usually reading the news and I end up getting sidetracked by the crossword puzzle. I’ve started to do more of my writing after work. I seem more alert in the evenings during the summer.

      I think it was the heat that was slowing me down when I wrote this. You are so right about comfort – when you aren’t comfortable that’s all you can focus on at the moment. I also am trying a different genre of writing for the next few weeks just to give myself a change of pace. I think that’ll inspire me to finish what I’ve already started.

      • Hi, I can tell you it’s worthwhile to try new things! When I recently tried Urban fantasy, I fell in love with a different kind of character and setting! Now I know it’s my best work, which I never would have thought possible before I tried it! Keep your mind open, keep looking for anything that makes finding inspiration easier! It could literally be a new diet or changing the room you work in around! Whatever works, it’s worth it! I loved your comment! You can be any writer you want!


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