What Have You Learned from Blogging?

In just a few short weeks, my blog will have officially existed for a year. A year!  It doesn’t feel like it has been a year because I did take an extended break, but ultimately I’ve kept this blog going and with each post I feel I’m becoming a stronger blogger.

In the year I’ve been a WordPress member, I’ve also come across some amazing blogs and have interacted with very talented bloggers.  To help celebrate my first year of blogging, I’d like to pick the brains of all you bloggers out there and find out – what have you learned from blogging? 

I want to gather some stories about how blogging has impacted you.  Have you experienced personal growth from blogging? Grown your business? Become a better writer? How has maintaining a blog helped you reach your goals?

I’d also welcome any experiences you’d like to share regarding the operation aspects of blogging.  What are some lessons you’ve learned about being a good blogger? This can be anything from keeping a consistent schedule to post entries to promoting your blog.

Around mid-June I’ll put together these lessons learned into a post to highlight my one year anniversary as a blogger.  So come on fellow bloggers  – tell me your story about being a blogger.  You can leave me a message via the contact form on the About Me page of this blog.

I look forward to hearing from  you!




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