About a month ago,  Drew Kail nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award (VBA). If you want to know more about the award, check out my previous post. Earlier this week, another blogger, Ranting on the Lolo has passed the honor unto this blog.  So I though this would be a good time to highlight some of the blogs on my blogroll and nominate a few more bloggers that I didn’t know about the first time a VBA came my way.

Recent Discoveries

Ranting on the Lolo: Have to start with the nominating blog.  Lory, or Lolo as she refers to herself, has a pretty awesome blog where she writes about anything she feels is interesting and on her mind. A good chunk of her posts deal with the writing.  She admits via her “About” page that her blog is somewhat broad, yet she makes it all come together. I promise, if you visit her blog you won’t be disappointed.

Blogging on the Brightside: This is a happy little blog I came across searching recent writing posts on WordPress.  Most posts are inspired by a quote or picture and are meant to make you feel a little  more happy about life in general.  The blog is run by 2 people and so far they’ve managed to write posts that are uplifting as well as humorous.

Beyond Prints:  This blog started following me recently, so of course I had to check it out. It is a blog that “documents the living history of the Kenneth Tyler printmaking workshops, and the art that was created there. We hope to share the authentic voices of the many artists, printers, photographers and friends who collaborated in these workshops.”  I believe the blog is run by the folks at the National Gallery of Australia.  If you like art, just check it out.

Pre-Existing Favorites

 Drew Kail:  Drew is an artist in Portland who does a great job shedding light on how to make prints.  Drew will often highlight how to re-use materials and incorporate green practices in his art. Oh yeah, and he makes really cool art.

Storytelling Nomad: This is one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging last June.  Katy was a relatively new blogger at the time and somehow found me with my very first post about my quest to be a writer.  Katy has done a great job crafting interesting blog posts and is one of those bloggers that inspires other bloggers to keep blogging. She currently lives in Australia, and you can get a glimpse of life in Australia by reading her blog.

Transports of Delight: Created by Kaitlyn, another Aussie blogger, this blog details the “weird and wonderful things that happen to me on public transport“. I was immediately drawn to this blog because, as you know, one of my favorite topics is writing about about my experiences commuting on public transportation.  Some of the experiences Kaitlyn has posted go way beyond anything I’ve had to deal with using public buses or light rail.

7 More Random Things About Me

Keeping with the spirit of the VBA, here are 7 more random facts about myself:

1. I had to start wearing glasses when I was 11.  I then switched to contacts when I was in college. Now I do a 50/50 split – I wear glasses about 50% of the time and contacts the other half of the time.

2. I am an only child.

3. About 6 years ago, I almost took a job as a statistician with the Census Bureau in Maryland.  I spent a couple of weeks out there and decided I wasn’t quite ready to live the D.C. lifestyle at that time. I also wasn’t sure I wanted to do stats 24/7.

4. I still keep in touch with just one person I knew from high school.

5. I recently figured out how to make my own custom screens for the windows in my house.  If only all home repairs were that easy.

6. If I won the lottery, I’d probably be one of those jerks that keeps their job for awhile – only to see how far I can go before getting fired or laid off since I probably wouldn’t worry about being punctual and all that jazz.

7. When life throws you curveballs, and those curveballs bean you on the head, I believe the best way to cope is to laugh it off – find the humor in any situation.  That is, if you don’t have a concussion from getting hit by a curveball.

6 thoughts on “VBA Part II

    • I figured getting another nod from a fellow blogger gave me a choice opportunity to better highlight some of the blogs I nominated last month. To me it’s really all about fostering a sense of community among bloggers.

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