Photo Friday: Opening Day at Chase Field

Pictures taken at the season opener for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday April 6, 2012.  Alas, I had to work that day but snapped some quick exterior shots of Chase Field 2 hours before game time during my lunch hour.  Game was against the San Francisco Giants.  Final score: Diamondbacks 5, Giants 4.

Fun Fact: Chase Field was originally titled Bank One Ballpark and us locals used to refer to it as “the Bob”.  As in “hey, do you want to catch a game at the Bob this weekend?”  The Bank One corporation was later acquired by JP Morgan Chase and “the BOB” became Chase Field. I’ve yet to hear anyone personify Chase Filed the way they did with the BOB.  Aren’t corporate mergers a drag?


3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Opening Day at Chase Field

  1. They are a drag. When I was growing up in Pittsburgh I would go see a Penguins hockey game at the Civic Arena, which we lovingly called “The Igloo”. Then the name rights got bought by Mellon Bank and became Mellon Arena. The igloos been torn down, and the new building the Penguins play in is also corporate. Consol Energy Center. I miss the old Igloo.

    • The Igloo! And Penguins! That made so much sense – too bad Mellon Bank couldn’t have incorporated Igloo with their naming rights, like the Mellon Igloo or something. I know, even with the Bob, although it always had a corporate sponser, at least you could give it a peppy nickname.

      I just hope the main airport around here, Skyharbor International never gets sold for corporate sponsorship.

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