Photo Friday: American Gothic

Back in the Spring of 2010, this 25ft. statue by artist J. Seward Johnson spent a few months in downtown Mesa, AZ after previously being on display in Chicago, IL.  The sculpture is actually named “God Bless America” but is an interpretation of the famous painting “American Gothic” by artist Grant Wood.  The couple from the “American Gothic” painting are shown standing, complete with a 25ft. pitchfork.  However, scan down towards their feet and you find out that these two characters are not mere farmers – but world travelers!

The photos below were my attempt to capture the statue.  It proved challenging, considering all I had on me at the time was my camera phone and had no idea how to zoom out enough to get the sculpture in one photo.  Instead I took two shots – one of the famous farming couple and another of their suitcase displaying their travels.

Not my best attempts at photography, but I still wanted to share my shots of this interesting piece of art.  Happy Friday!


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