Time Flies When You’re Avoiding Your Goals

Late July?! Really?! That’s my last blog post? Time has not just flown away for me, it sprouted a jet pack and shot away with a trail of flames into the universe.

If you’ve been following this blog since the beginning, you know the whole reason I’m doing this is to force myself to make time for the pursuit of writing everyday.

But I’ve managed to let that goal waft by the wayside over the last few weeks. I could sit here and list the excuses for slacking on my writing and by extension this blog (freakishly busy work schedule, the melting heat of summer made me slack off, unexpected obligations, focusing on potential business opportunities that didn’t pan out, pondering the meaning of life) but well, I guess I just did list excuses.

I’ve not sat down to write anything since my last blog post three weeks ago, nor have I spent much time on WordPress in general – although I did spend a few days on a short and quick editing gig which has to count for something.

Over the weekend I considered just packing it in and letting this blog languish.  After all, I don’t have to maintain a blog to write. I even blamed this blog for my lack of writing, reasoning with myself that writing for this blog is directing my focus away from just writing.

But that isn’t the problem. I keep letting other things get in the way of taking my writing more seriously. This leads me to question my commitment to being a writer and whether this is all just an exercise in futility.

I then received an email from an old friend over the weekend who finally read Peril on the 532 and wrote to tell me she laughed through the whole thing. It reminded me that I have a voice and several stories to tell. It’s all up to me to get those stories out into the universe and no excuse should prevent me from staying active as a writer.

Funny thing is, once I had all but let my expectations of what this all might lead to fly out the window, I instantaneously received a boost of energy and more importantly, inspiration. Like everything else in my life, I tend to place high expectations on myself and then end up doing the Homer Simpson hand to the forehead slap accompanied by very vocal “Doh!” when I realize yet again that I’ve over committed myself.

I have to say, sitting down to create this blog post feels right, and I’ve dearly missed being a part of the WordPress community over the past month!  For now, my goal is to post at least one new entry a week.

I hope those of you that have enjoyed my blog over the past 3 months will continue to stop by as I tweak my priorities to make way for writing and blogging activities. Time management is everything because time flies whether you are avoiding your goals, achieving your goals or just fumbling around.

4 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Avoiding Your Goals

  1. “Time management is everything because time flies whether you are avoiding your goals, achieving your goals or just fumbling around.”

    The last line of your blog says it all! I have felt the same way at times.

    So, let us know when you are once again sharing your ideas out loud.

    • Soon – hopefully, looking to start posting at least weekly within the next two weeks. I’ve been writing regularly, just not setting aside dedicated time to blogging. Thank you for your encouragement!


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